Long Sword Spectacular

by Long Sword Spectacular

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02:35 video


released May 1, 2012


all rights reserved



Long Sword Spectacular Dallas, Texas

Hard rock that will curl the hair on your head and straighten it everywhere else.

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Track Name: The Glory & The Cash
I got the brains,
I got the brawn,
Kalishnikov rifle,
Never did me any wrong

Think of what they’ll say,
When justice sees the day.

Trek under the pall of night
Cave-bound in the day
NVD and God
Lighting up my way

Think of what they’ll say,
When justice sees the day
Some might think I’m crazy,
A suicidal play.
To put a finer point on it
I also want the pay.

If you plead your pleading’s come too late,
Like glory paid to ashes.
The reward is not on earth, you say,
But I promise you the cash is.

Think of what they’ll say,
When justice sees the light of day
Some might think I’m crazy,
A suicidal play.
To put a finer point on it
I also want the pay.

When dawn’s rose red finger
Gave light to my plan,
There was something in his camp
That I didn’t understand.
He was gone but in his place
A wired old tin can.

The ground began to shake,
Vanished in a flash.
Someone else will have to get
The glory and the cash.
Track Name: Hey (We Want You!)
A man comes up to you
He says, “I got a deal for you, my friend.
Looks like hell, but can’t you tell,
I got your interest in the end.

“My friend, it’s alright.
You can’t be afraid to fight.
There’s nothing to fear, but they’re coming, son—
Invaders in the night.”

Hey, it’s okay,
Hey, it’s okay to say no way

He takes your shoulder in his hand,
Gives slack to his tie.
“My friend, you got the expertise—
Let me ask you, can you fly?

“They’ll find you where you live, son.
They’ve got it in their heads.
They’ll cut down your whole family, friend,
They’ll slit your throat in bed.”

“Their mustard gas is vesicant,
It gets you every time.
Sources say they got their hands
On PT-239.

It’s time to turn them into dust.
It’s our duty, that’s the truth.
I’d go with you but someone has to
Stay and find the proof.”
Track Name: Threat Display
When the dead rise
Red fills the eyes
Revenge sparks the fire
LSS for hire

Release the hounds
Breathe in the sounds
Cover your ears
When the blackness nears

Cut through the seams
We’ll keep it clean
Won’t see us coming
LSS is gunning
Track Name: Firewalk
Sharp as a knife
Simple as strife
One more chance to come clean

Rip through my heart
Learned like I'm smart
One more chance to explain

He's walking down the street
And he's singing to himself
But he can't find the beat

A bullet hits him in the back
He's reaching for his wallet in his pocket
Then he has a heart attack

Black memories
Pain we can't see
Far from the place he called home

Run like the wind
The distance gets thin
As long as he runs, he's not done

He's milling around his place
He's picturing a marathon runner
Who doesn't know he's in a race

The image gets stuck in his head
He tries to write a novel 'bout a lawyer
But he gets tired instead
Track Name: Dead Soul
I was playing Revelations, a bar on 57th,
Best way to describe the place is ... Armageddon.
At the close of Midnight Special, I went over for a drink.
I saddled up to the bar, gave this girl a wink.

She made her way toward me, said, “Hey, watcha drinkin?”
I smoothed out my moustache, said, “Tell me watcha thinkin.”
She ordered a concoction, an oddly colored batch.
“Try this Dead Soul,” she said. And then, “Down the hatch.”

Dead Soul went down like gasoline, I grabbed the bar for traction.
But when it hit my gut, man, I was ready for some action.
Left, it grabbed my guitar; right, it crossed a blessin.
I dragged her in the alley and I gave her a quick lesson.

She told me that there was no God, so I took that position.
Took scissors to my hair and beard, called it woman’s intuition.
She told me that to be a man, I had to give her tiny children.
Now I’m working for her father across the street from Revelations.
Track Name: Debt to Savages
August heat
burns the faces
of children
in the street.

Tears upon
Our mothers’ cheeks.
Fathers gone to war
–we waited patiently.

News came in
from beyond.
We passed the point
of no return.

All our fathers
lost their lives.
Now it is
the children’s turn.
Track Name: Manhunt
I’m just a bag of bones wrapped in cellophane
A useless void of pain and praise
Mercury pulsing through my veins
A vagabond, a wanderer; I can’t be tamed

Got knives for eyes and razors for teeth
I bite like a rabid dog and scout like a thief
Under no circumstances will I stay and pray
I’m the devil incarnate, and I’m here to say...

I’m on a mission!
I’m killing all my enemies, I don’t need no gun
Just take my hand firmly, do you wanna ride?
And join my manhunt or you best run and hide

Whatcha thinkin’ ‘bout, tryin’ to challenge me?
I spit radiator fluid drink antifreeze tea
From a long steel pipe to a fist like a mace
I take the shape of anything that helps me win the race

I ain’t playin’ with you kid
I’m like a torrential rain
I lost my cherry long ago, don’t get into my brain
If you need a little tenderness, ya best look the other way
If you wanna fight the system, hitch a ride upon my train...
Track Name: Devil's Grave
Dark, dark as your grave, hope you can save, save your own fate
Play, play in your cave, linger in pain, pain makes you brave

Devil, devil is calling, calling for you
Don’t, don’t fear the falling, the evil’s your muse

Deceit, deceit has you lost, lost in your cause, no way to return
Instinct, your instinct is gone, gone with the wind, you're living in sin
Track Name: Breakin' Loose
Well, God he struck the lightin’,
rolled heavy metal thunder.
He grabbed that old devil, man,
tossed his red ass under.

God dusted off his hands, said,
“Get down with your bad self.”
High five to the angles, man.
He turned his back on Hell.

The devil came up to his hooves--
this Hell, it was a-shakin’.
He spat upon the sizzled floor.
His minions started wakin’.

A fiery gulf, this was indeed--
designed for the modern devil.
He called upon his horrid crew
by smashin’ down his gavel.

“We’re damned to Hell, but what the Hell,
’s put the screws to the King Subvert.
Vengeance is our nine-to-five,
Let’s hit Him where it hurts.

“Now, listen here, you mother fuckers,
stand up from the fire.
We’re headed to the garden, man--
it’s time to pay the piper.”

“We’re breakin’ loose!”